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Our Parents



Winnie was born in October of 2017. She had her first litter of Puppies on April 12th of 2020, at about 2 1/2 years old. Winnie is very people-oriented. She comes from a line of therapy dogs, which is apparent in her actions and demeanor. She is smart, playful, and extremely affectionate.

Winnie is a great companion for anyone who loves to take their dogs on walks and/or rides. She meets breed standards, meaning that she is eligible to be shown. For these reasons (temperament and standards), we decided she would make a great dog for breeding. However, she is first and foremost a family dog.  (NOTE:  Winnie is retired)

Winnie's DNA Test Report



Gitta was born in October of 2017, and she is 2 1/2 years old. Her first litter was born on April 20th of 2020. Gitta is a bit more reserved than Winnie, but is equally as intelligent. She is the kind of dog that loves to play catch and learn new tricks.  She's also a great walking companion.

Due to Gitta's competitive and playful nature, we feel that puppies from her line would make great agility and obedience dogs. She is also highly motivated, not just for food, but also for toys (especially her tennis ball).

Gitta's DNA Test Report



Kaiser has a sweet and friendly nature. He was born in March of 2020, and hails from Minnesota. Indoors, Kaiser is our most-sensitive dog, and he loves to cuddled close to his people. Outdoors he loves to romp and run, and he plays well with our other poodles.  He is calm, gentle, and quite intelligent, making him a pleasure to train.
Kaiser loves to do whatever Gitta & Winnie are doing.  He's as interested and caring with his pups as their mothers are.

Because of his amazing temperament, we felt he would make a great sire for family dogs, and potential show dogs.  

Kaiser's' DNA Test Report



The daughter of Cy-man and Winnie, Ava is a sable Standard Poodle. Ava was born in April of 2020, and she loves to be close to her people. She is very docile, but loves to have fun and wrestle with the other dogs. She is gentle with strangers (and a bit of a klutz around her family). Pretty and playful, she is an amazing companion.  

She is the most quirky and introspective of our poodles. We often find her planted in one spot taking in the world around her for long stretches of time. Her personality is sweetly strange, and she is more and more endearing every day. She is an amazing family dog, and I know her puppies will be too. 

Ava's DNA Test Report

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